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It is not just exclusively men who are susceptible to hair loss. Women can suffer hair loss because of several reasons and can have a huge negative impact on confidence. Scalp micropigmentation could be a great solution that you may not have necessarily expected!

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Temples / Hairline / Parting

Most women are concerned about the lack of density of their hair. To create density, micro dots of the pigment are deposited between the active hairs; this creates shading on the scalp that to the untrained eye, will be unnoticeable.

Simply years of pulling the hair into a ponytail can cause Traction Trauma Alopecia. 

With a 40 shade colour system, and semi permanent pigments, scalp micropigmentation can add density for a visual improvement in the specified area.

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Alopecia areata is a disease that happens when the immune system attacks hair follicles and causes hair loss.

Woman who suffer with alopecia might often wear wigs, but scalp micropigmentation could be an excellent low maintenance solution, and help frame your face and boost confidence.

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Some female clients are often familiar with microblading, a similar cosmetic tattoo treatment for eyebrows. However, scalp micropigmentation is not usually considered for thin or thinning hair. We can achieve some amazing results over 2-3 sessions.

Some medical treatments and medication can also cause severe cause hair loss as a side effect. We hope our treatments can improve mental health during tough times, by boosting confidence.

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Postpartum / Stress

Other causes of hair loss include postpartum hair loss, where hormone displacement or vitamin deficiency after childbirth and menopause.

Stress can lead to shedding and thinner hair.  With all the stresses of today's world, hopefully we can help, with at least one less thing to stress about!

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