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Scalp Micropigmentation is the only affordable hair loss solution which truly offers guaranteed, natural looking, undetectable results, from the very first treatment.

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  • For clients of all ages, male or female, suffering from any type and stage of hair loss.

  • Permanent solution to hair loss which takes minimal care to look after and offers results from your very first treatment.

  • Everyone is different. Each client has a free personal consultation, taking time to design the hairline to suit their needs and desires.

  • Can blend with existing hair or create a bald fade, giving clients that ‘fresh from barbershop look’ every day!

  • Very affordable in comparison to hair transplants.

  • Can be performed in conjunction with hair transplants, and cover scarring of donor area.

  • Huge confidence boost and relieves any hair loss worries.

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Hair Fibres

If applied correctly, hair fibres can offer cheap, natural looking results. However, these can be messy to apply and hard to apply evenly for best results. The main downsides are avoiding the rain, swimming, and avoiding excess sweating at the gym, etc. This can add to an individual’s self-consciousness.

Scalp micropigmentation, whether covering a full head or density treatment, creates a very similar appearance but a more permanent solution, without the fear of being rubbed or washed off!

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Hair Systems

Some of the modern hair systems available today are very cleverly designed and much more realistic. However, the primary drawback is the cost and maintenance. Some are incredibly costly and must be replaced within months, and the total cost far exceeds scalp micropigmentation and even transplants if maintained long enough!

Also, scalp micropigmentation is a subtle process where more density is added each treatment, so usually remains undetected by others. Even with a bald head prior to the treatment, our clients can remain more discreet. Whereas this cannot be said for someone if they came to work the next day with a full head of hair after a hair system has been applied.

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Hair Transplants

Hair trasnplants are arguably one of the more enticing, permanent solutions to hair loss but it does not come without risks. Hair transplants have become far more popular now but clients are not often aware of all the risks. There is a higher than expected risk of the hair transplant failing, leading to huge problems, especially if the donor area has been over harvested. There is no such thing as ‘no scarring’, there will always be evidence of a hair transplant with a very short hairstyle. The cost varies and in some cases exceeds tens of thousands of pounds! Final results can take 12-18 months to see. Further thinning and hair loss a few years later could lead to wanting to get another transplant, leading to costs far higher than expected, or, to find the donor area has been over-harvested and this is no longer possible. Post hair transplant clients make up a percentage of our client base.

One of the huge advantages of scalp micropigmentation is that the treatment can be performed in conjunction with a hair transplant. The scalp micropigmentation treatment can be performed safely before a transplant to aid concealing the slow healing stage, or after to cover the scarring on the donor area. In some cases, a client has had the scalp micropigmentation treatment and cancelled their upcoming transplant because they felt they no longer needed it!

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“I know this too well on a personal level. I have had two transplants, just for the front temple area, one failed, the other not satisfactory, and can no longer have any more procedures. This was a huge expense, financially and very detrimental to my mental health for years. SMP saved me mentally, and the confidence Scalp Micropigmentation gave me was the driving force behind setting up SKINHEAD SMP, to give that feeling back to others who are suffering with hair loss”


Medication, Shampoos & Serums

Shampoos and hair serums rarely have any effect at all.


Over the counter topics like minoxidil and stronger medication like finasteride can have side effects. They may have little to any effect, and may not necessarily be worth it in comparison to the risks. 

Hair Serum
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